Saturday, September 25, 2010

only 10 more.....

I am still around. We have been almost going to move for 4 years and now it is finally going to happen!!! We have been living in a much much too small space and will finally be getting some more space. Needless to say this has made life crazy for a bit. The move has been on again off again for a bit. I'm so ready to get some more I've been packing up I've discovered things that I had thought were lost in our last move. Most of our stuff has been in boxes these past 4 years. Also I'm hoping this means that I will soon get my birthday present from 4 years ago...a cat with a C!!!

Here is the current Patchwork by Mary Konior--done in size 20 Lizbeth white. Six done and only 10 more. It will probably have to wait until after the move. I have a bit more tatting that I've been doing in my free time that hopefully I will show you soon.