Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things not to do

1. Move with a 3 year old and a teething 4 month old. 2. Move with a 3 year old and a teething 4 month old to former farm and try to reclaim the farm. 3. Try to plant a garden with a 3 year old and a teething 4 month old. The dirt gets trampled down by the 3 year old and becomes like concrete. 4. Have grand tatting ideas for friend's weddings only not to have any time to tat for a long time. I have personally done all of these things recently. The good news is that the chickens lay eggs! And while my tatting is still in a box--I know which box it is in! Hope that you are all doing well. I've had brief moments in time to check some tatting blogs and there is some beautiful tatting being done out there. Hopefully soon I will have time to get back to tatting. Right now the garden needs some water.

Monday, February 27, 2012

In need of some ZZZZ's (1/25)

What do you think this is supposed to be? No prize for the winner. I'm just curious how close it resembles what I'm trying to make.

Speaking of winners. I have some packages that need to be mailed out to the winners of my baby giveaway. They have been sitting on our desk for a few weeks. I apologize to the winners, but lugging a car seat and a toddler to the post office hasn't happened yet. I will try and make it very soon though.

The above image is supposed to be a Z. Does it looks like one? Any ideas of how to modify it to look more like a Z? I'm trying to make a wedding present for a friend and tat the first letter of the surname with a border around it similar to what I did here. I know there are other letters out there, but for some reason I really like this for my purpose. Many of the other alphabets are too feminine for this purpose---at least to me.

The baby mouse is getting big and doing very well. She is sleeping okay, but feels the need to check just to make sure that mom is still around during the night. She is more clingy than the kitten, so it makes for less tatting time. I bought some new thread for Christmas and really want to see how it will tat up, but I haven't found the time yet.

I've also been practicing shuttle tatting a bit--I'm very slow at it. Oh and I'm very exciting because it looks like I'll be teaching some homeschoolers to needle tat in the fall. I'm sure that I'll be asking for some ideas in the future--I would love to be able to give some history of tatting as well.

I've been reading blogs some, but haven't had much time to comments. There have been some lovely items tatted and my to tat list is growing!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Thanks to Gina, I was able to tat this motif.

I know that the scan is awful, but it is Irene Woo's heart.

When I broke my tatting needle, Gina generous sent me one as well as lots of pattern books as well. You will be missed, Gina!!