Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Boy, oh Boy

No, baby isn't here yet. But I won a Pop-a-bobbin shuttle from Sally's blog. So excited!!!

Now to get back into working on my shuttle tatting.

Thanks so much Sally and thank the man in the garage for me as well.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cat, Contractions, and Christmas.....(24/25)

As you can see our newest addition, Snowflake, is getting ready for baby to come. I think that she will be very disappointed when the car seat contains a crying baby. Snowflake has definitely become a member of the family. The kitten adores her...maybe a bit too much!

I finally finished my tatted item for the Christmas exchange at InTatters! Now to get a box and actually mail it. We had a false baby alarm a few weeks ago and I was concerned that I wouldn't get it finished in time. Tatting with contractions is interesting! Thankfully baby has decided to stay put for the time being so we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving. The due date is this week so hopefully baby will make his/her presence known soon.

I've been tatting up some quick items to give as thank you and Christmas gifts. This is a quick tatted heart in Lizbeth Christmas Delight designed by Birgit Phelps. I also played a bit more with cabone rings and came up with these Christmas ornaments. One is Lizbeth Christmas Delight and the other is Lizbeth Angel Love. I think they look like mints. I really enjoy these cabone ring designs and put Jon's tatted rings book on my Christmas list.

I've finally finished up my family ornaments for the year. I tatted 6 Makena balls. 4 of them are finished, but I'm holding onto 2 of them and hope to try out a new stiffener on them. Someone at InTatters mentioned Fa-brick as a stiffener and this is on my Christmas list as well.

Now to sit back and wait for baby to come. Happy tatting to all!!!