Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Part 2 of the Doctor's visit (20 and 21/25)

This post is the continuation of the Doctor's visit.

She encouraged me to try and tat in the car. Big mistake on the curvy roads on our trip. Due to her urging (she kept pointing at my bulging belly and telling me that I needed to start working on Christmas gifts), I decided to finally tat up some of Krystle's Spanish dancer earrings. Here are 2 pairs in Lizbeth white and Victorian red. I love the pattern. Since I don't wear earrings I decided to tweak the pattern slightly and try a pendant for me to wear. I need to tweak the pattern a bit more, but here is the result in Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest. I hope to make a few more in different colors to help spice up my limited wardrobe. By the way, these are a combination of needle and shuttle tatting! I shuttle tatted around the ring and then needle tatted the rest. I'm still working on my shuttle tatting and have concluded that I don't like Clover shuttles. Although, I do like them when tatting around cabone rings. Maybe I just need some more practice but the tip seems to get in the way.

The Doctor and the kitten loved all of the bright colors at a hot air balloon fest that we went to.

The wind was too strong and we only got to see one balloon up in the air, but the night glow was amazing to see. Hopefully these pictures can help the doctor remember all of the beautiful color combinations.

We enjoyed the Doctor's visit. And hope to have her back again. Thanks for sharing her with us Krystle.