Friday, August 16, 2013

How to cut???

I tatted up the Pernille cross from Lene Bjorn's book Tatted Bookmarks.  I love this book and I think this is my favorite from the book so far.  The only problem is that I had to tat it twice.  It was a graduation gift and I missed the stitch count on the very first chain!!!  GRR.  The gift was late due to this and the fact that I sliced my finger open using a knife.

I want to fix my original cross with the messed up stitch count and an extra picot, but how do I cut out the tatting and not lose everything that I've tatted?  How do I then fix it? 
I'm including a picture which will hopefully help.  The chain in question is the very first chain of the entire cross!!!  And of course I tatted the whole rest of the cross without discovering my error. 

Just as a heads up a product review (non-tatting) and a giveaway will be coming up on the blog soon!!