Thursday, July 28, 2011

much thanks!!!

I appreciate all of the sympathy over my broken tatting needle!! I was shocked when the Tatting Goddess herself came up with a wonderful solution. She was the recipient of the tatting supplies of Carol Moser after she passed away. There were some tatting needles in the supplies and she sent them to me. Not only that, but she sent other goodies as well as you can see by the picture. My tatting books doubled in size from this gift!! Thank you so much for sending these Gina!! You made my week in this hot, hot, hot summer. I'm just waiting for a day without a heat advisory.

I have been tatting some, but the heat, some traveling, and VBS have kept me from tatting. I gave away the little bit that I had completed before I took pictures :( I'll see if I can get the recipient to take some for me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awareness Ribbon (19/25)

This is Lenore English's Awareness Ribbon shuttle tatted in Lizbeth size 20. This is tatted for my mother a breast cancer survivor. I need to find something to hold it together so that she can wear it on her next walk.

The completion of this motif can be blamed on the "good fortune" of having a broken tatting needle. Although this is soon to be rectified in a most surprising manner to me...I'll share more later.

I'm still not pleased with the tension, picots, or even getting rid of the space between the rings and chains in my shuttle tatting. Hopefully more practice will help. I have some more practice planned.

shuttle tatted edging done (18/25)

This is my completed shuttle tatting edging. I received a start of the edging in an exchange soon after I began needle tatting. I can't remember who it was from, but thanks for you since it was a great help in getting me started with the shuttle. It is completed since I have run out of yellow thread, so I can't continue. I'm thinking about using it to decorate a denim jacket for the kitten, but I will probably have to use some creativity since it is a bit shorter than what I actually need.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

There's that medallion again (17/25)

I tatted this over a year ago before I started blogging. It is Roger's There's that medallion again doily. I just found the picture and wanted to put it up on my blog so that all (or most all) of my tatting pictures are in one place. I've given away most of my tatting, so it is nice to have all of the pictures in one place. This was tatted in Lizbeth Victorian Red size 20.

Thanks for all of the sympathy over the broken tatting needle. I actually broke it in half while tatting---yes I tat very tightly. I'm trying to use the time to practice shuttle tatting, but if the withdrawal is too much I'll do mail order. Last night I managed to shuttle tat a bit until I created some knot that shouldn't be there, so I need to pick out some tatting.

Friday, July 8, 2011


A tragedy of epic proportions occurred last night--I broke the tatting needled that I use for size 20 thread!!! I don't have a spare and live about 2 hours from the nearest store that sells them. I don't have plans to be that way for another 2 weeks.

I can still needle tat with size 10 thread and I have been hoping to get some more shuttle practice in. So I might just wait 2 weeks to get one....a rough 2 weeks!!

Just wanted to share with those that would understand.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Makena (16/25)

Here are the finished Makena that I have made. The turquoise one is made without beads, but the others have beads at all of the joins. Speaking of beads, what size crochet hook do you use for 11/0 beads? I'm having trouble with the thread on the chains splitting when I add the bead, but it is the only hook that will fit through the bead. Any ideas?

Yes, these are stiffened. Don't look too closely because I do need to clean up the extra glue. They keep their shape, but can be reshaped some after the balloon is popped. I need to make or find some small boxes to give/store these in so that they will keep their shape. A word of warning, 2 year old daughters love to play with these items and can make it so they don't look like a ball anymore!

I don't remember where I got the balloon pump, but I use it to make balloon animals. As long as you can stand the noise of twisting the balloon, making the animals is fun and not to difficult.

I will be making more of these for Christmas gifts, so you will see more in the future.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here is what balloons and tatting have in common. I used the balloon to shape a tatted ball. Here is the picture before the balloon was popped. I would have an after picture to share, but the kitten got a hold of the ball and it needed to be redone after she enjoyed it. This is the pattern Makena--the pattern is found here. And the donation for the pattern goes to support a great cause--The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This ball was tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Country Turquoise Medium. The worst part was getting the balloon blown up correctly inside the tatting. I have already started this pattern again in a dark red with silver beads for some Christmas gifts. I'm starting early this year on getting my presents finished since the end of the year is going to be a whirlwind. I'll show you them when they finish drying. By the way this is the perfect pattern to tat while playing games with company. I finished 2 this way!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Balloons and tatting?

What does a balloon, a balloon pump, and a glob of tatting have in common? Any ideas? I'll tell you tomorrow!!

Belated Thanks

I feel awful that I haven't gotten around to a thank you before now. I'm now feeling much better although the heat is still causing me some problems. At least I can blame everything on baby :) Between company, traveling, and life--time has been short the past while.

Thanks to Diane for the beautiful handkerchief and the shuttle. Any ideas for an edging for the hankie since it isn't a straight edging? The kitten fell in love with the shuttle and I thought that it was lost until I cleaned for company and found it stuffed in the sofa cushions!!

Thanks to Michelle for the great shrinky dink shuttle. I'm going to need to have some fun this summer with shrinky daughter is going to love it.