Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"A" is for ........(22/25)

I haven't been tatting much due to time--life is going to continue to be crazy for at least other month, but then there is much hope that it will settled down some. I have been checking other tatting blogs, but usually when the kitten is up and running away. Thus, I haven't been able to comments as I would have liked. But I have seen some beautiful tatting!!

I'm trying to tat a last name as a wedding gift--there last name is only 4 letters :) But I'm not sure that I like the 2 colors together in this. The colors are Lizbeth's mocha light and medium. I'm trying to make it as neutral as possible so that the couple can change the matted color if need be. Any suggestions? Oh and you can find the pattern on Il Chiacchierino Edda Guastalla Bianchetti.


  1. What a lovely idea and I think the colours look lovely together. well done Margaret

  2. I'm more into bright or fun colors, but the tatting looks great to me! :)

  3. Thanks. I like brighter colors too--I'm thinking about giving the bride a choice between this and black and white.