Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm back (25/25)

Not too much tatting has been occurring. We are moved and slowly getting everything settled. Trying to move a family and a consulting business with deadlines occurring while you are moving is not the best of ideas :) The kitten loved the ramp on the moving truck. I think that she is ready to move again, but I'm certainly not.

Due to the move, I missed out on signing up for the InTatter's exchange, but I was glad to find out that I made the deadline for the Tatting Forum exchange. Now to figure out where the craft stores are here!!

While preparing for the move I tatted Agasunset's lace panties to give as a gift since I could remember the pattern and didn't have to concentrate too hard. It was easy to tat, but a lot of end to hide. Make sure and check out her blog if you haven't--she has a beautiful ring to give away.

I also found this to house my tatting. I really like it because it is very portable and the kitten doesn't know how to open it yet.

If all goes well, I will have some finished letters to show you soon and get your opinion. It was supposed to be ready for a bridal shower in a week, but I'm going to send a picture of what I have finished.

I have finished my 25 motifs and plan to continue with 25 more!!


  1. They look so sexy with those bordered ribbons!!! You are right, there is a lot of endings to hide. Don't worry, I will be designing something with less of 'em for Valentine's day, so check out back around December :))
    Thank you for mention!!

  2. Wow, very sexy!!! :) and lovely box! :)

  3. I couldn't find an email for you but the teapot bookmarks you asked about are based on a pattern from Martha Ess's book with teapot patterns in it. I use the little square one and just put a tail on it to make a bookmark. Her book can be purchased through her website, Tat's Amoré. Sorry - I don't have the link with me just now.

  4. Thanks, Gina. I'll take a look at them later. I have several friends who are in need of some tatted teapots---and I think that I need to tat some teapots :)

  5. Love your box! It can contain lots of work, so why not immediately re-enter the 25 motif challenge? Look forward to see more of your work. Ingrid