Monday, November 29, 2010

Can you put tatting inside a glass ball? (2/25)

So here is the tatted last name almost finished!! It was done in Lizbeth size 20 and is mocha brown light and medium. It sat around for a week before I finally finished it. I'll try and post pictures of the finished product when I get a chance. All done finally. Hope the bride and groom like it.

This is a gift from our neighbor for the kitten. A wooden top made out of scraps. She can't get it to spin herself yet, but loves for us to get it going.

I have a question that you might see posted on other forums as well. I've seen many people put tatting around glass balls for Christmas trees, but has anyone tried to put tatting inside a glass ball? I would like to do some glass balls for Christmas ornaments, but got too late of a start for tatting around them. Someone gave me the idea of putting them inside hanging from a string at the top. I think that the tatting will need to be stiffened, but them how do you get it inside the opening of the ball? This is like trying to get a boat in a bottle. Any thoughts are appreciated!!


  1. Looking lovely I hope the bride and groom do love it, I have no idea about putting tatting in the glass balls, If the opening is large enough to get the tatted item in, yes it might be possible, but I have not tried it. Margaret

  2. Your tatted name looks awesome!
    I was wondering too if I could get tatting inside a glass ornament, but I can't see how you would stiffen it and get it in there. I was thinking that I would try to get a snowflake inside(sometime in the future) and find a way to get some kind of glue to get to stick it to the glass(maybe using Q-tips or coffee stirring sticks to move it around inside where I want it and to apply the glue). :)

  3. I've seen it but it was a very small motif hanging inside.

    Your letters turned out very nice!

  4. Put it in wet! ... Then it would be a question of straightening it out. You might be able to do that with long pins or skewers. Not sure if this would work, but I think it is an intriguing possibility.
    You could also try to pick very solid designs and tat them tightly. Then they might keep their shape without stiffening.

  5. I'm amazed you asked this question, as I just experimented with this idea last week, after I posted about the snow globes.

    I just wanted you to know it IS possible with the right snowflake made with the right thread, and can be easily inserted in the particular ornaments mentioned below.

    Last week I found clear 3-1/2" wide ornaments at Michaels (they are actually clear plastic, which I liked, as they are non-breakable and look just like the glass ones). I also noticed the opening is just a little bit wider than some of the glass ornaments. I wondered, as you did, if I could get a snowflake in there!

    I thought of Sharon's 'Merry Christmas' snowflake that I made last year (post of Dec. 24). It has kind of a a hexagon shape (no long 'spikes' sticking out), and when I used Lizbeth white size 20 thread, it didn't need to be stiffened at all. I really love this snowflake!

    I put a thread hanger on it, then rolled the snowflake just a little bit (like a tube). Then I dropped it through the top of the ornament.

    The snowflake 'unfolded' perfectly and can be 'jostled' into shape! I wrapped the thread hanger around the 'knob' on top and hid the thread under the metal cap. It looks great!!

    I'm planning to post about this soon, after I put on some finishing touches!

  6. Hi Tattin' Kat!

    You can find the free pattern for Sharon's Merry Christmas Snowflake on her blog. If you type 'quickie snowflake' in the search area, it will come up. She posted it on December 19, 2009.
    It's an excellent design - both snowflake and the drawing! I didn't use the split ring to climb out of the first round, as I didn't mind hiding the threads.

    I intend to post my ornament on my blog, but I'm having some computer problems and also have to get ready for a tatting event this weekend. I hope to post it next week!

  7. Here I am with one more comment! LOL!

    I've now posted the photo of my ornament (Dec. 13)! It still doesn't have a nice bow on it, but the snowflake inside the ball is the important part!

    (I noticed that all my comments above are as long as my post!)