Friday, March 25, 2011

Edging (6/25)

We received snow again last night. Not much, but just enough for me to spend the morning pulling a sled around the yard and throwing a few snow balls.

I received the start of this edging in a Christmas exchange in 2009, but I can't remember who sent it. Whoever you are, thanks!! Three of the rings and three of the chains were tatted by me. I thought that this might be a nice addition to the back of a denim jacket for the kitten.

Are there any secrets for un-tatting shuttle tatted work? Last night one of my stitches didn't flip and I didn't notice until I tried to close the ring. I've been using a crochet hook and doing everything in reverse, but I'm hoping for a faster way :)

I think that these shuttles need some decorative paper added to them, what do you think?


  1. Your edging is very pretty! I use a tapestry needle to loosen the knot, and then pass the shuttle back through the loop. It's time consuming, but worth the effort!

  2. I use a tapestry needle as will, and I keep the tatting the right way around - the way I tatted it, and not upside down.
    Fox : )

  3. Nice edging. I use a small needle or crochet hook, depending on the thread size, to loosen the very last half stitch that was made and pull up a good length of thread that goes to the shuttle. Next I go to the last picot made or a few ds from the end and pull the core thread loose. (It will pull from the length just loosened from the final half ds.) This makes it possible to put my fingers in the ring and work it open. Since one of the stitches did not flip the ring won't open, so try pulling the core loose up from the end of the ring to the non-flipped ds and work on that ds with the needle or crochet hook. I hope this makes sense. I saw the tip to loosen the last half ds made before trying to open the ring on someone's blog and do not remember where. If that person is reading this would you please help with your clear instructions? Karen in OR

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I finally got the ring untatted and worked on a bit more last night.

  5. Lovely edging, I use a pin to losen a knot,