Friday, August 26, 2011

The Doctor's visit

I'm finally getting around to documenting Dr. Vonthreadmore's visit here. Computer problems have been the culprit. The dear Dr. had wanted me to make a postcard with pictures from her visit to send to Krystle, but the same computer problems made this impossible. The Dr was insistent that Krystle see the pictures, so I agreed to post them here.

The visit started off to a rocky start due. My 73 year old widow male neighbor decided to bring a dead month for the kitten to view shortly after the Dr's arrival. This set Dr. Vonthreadmore talking about the state of "Misery" (more properly known as Missouri) and packing up her things to leave for a more desirable place to visit. As she was headed out the door to leave, she discovered a nice slug crawling on our glass door. She decided that she would postpone her departure for a few minutes until the slug left. This gave us a bit of time to chat and she encouraged me (twisted my arm)to try my hand at Krystle's Spanish Dancer earrings. More about that in a future post.

My neighbor felt awful, but thankfully he had an apple pie in the oven.

And he is a wonderful cook. In fact, he kept me in food at the beginning of my pregnancy when I could only eat food that I had not smelled cooking. Here is the wonderful pie complete with a smiley face.

The apple pie solved all of the problems with the Dr and she decided to come on a business/vacation trip with my family down to Southern "Misery". Thankfully the curvy roads didn't seem to bother her like they did me. We saw a fish hatchery--the kitten and the Dr were enthralled with all of the fish and the fish loved the food that they were throwing in. The picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of the fish and water.
They also loved watching the fisherman and the mist coming off of the water. I don't have pictures of this, but there was quite a collection of "treasures" collected between the 2 of them--mostly acorns, sticks, leaves, and rocks. I believe that some of these treasures should be making their way to Krystle's house :)

We continued our trip by visiting Elephant Rocks, which isn't known that well at all (even in the state) but is quite impressive to see. We spotted a beautiful turtle on the walk--he was in quite a hurry to get away from the kitten.

Here is a glimpse of the impressive rocks at Elephant Rocks. The big rock in the picture is on top of a large mound of rocks and weighs almost 700 tons.

I'll post more of the Doctor's visit later, but she wanted to make sure that Krystle was able to see all of the great outdoors that she was able to visit.

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