Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still waiting and tatting

Update: As of Dec 8, we are still waiting on baby. So there is still time to enter the giveaway!

Still waiting for baby to makes his/her arrival in the world. In the meantime, I've gotten some Christmas and other tatting accomplished! This is a horrid scan, but the scanner is on the floor and trying to get it all lined up is a bit beyond my capabilities at this point :) On a similar note, I'm wishing that I had one of the new Lizbeth thread holders right now. I've been chasing so many balls of thread on the floor--my husband finds it so amusing! On the right is a needle tatted cross for a lady from our church who is having surgery soon---it is desperately in need of some pressing. On the left is my shuttle tatting of the same cross. It is taking me a long time, but I have noticed my shuttle tatting is quite a bit smaller than my needle tatting. I still have a long long way to go with tension and even-ness, but at least I'm getting the flip almost all of the time. I'm practicing my shuttle tatting so that I can enjoy my Pop-a-Bobbin shuttle when it arrives. Sally, I'm wondering if the shuttle will arrive before baby!

We had a bit of snow yesterday. Thankfully Snowflake enjoys snowflakes!! The kitten certainly enjoyed it as well. She was disappointed when it melted.

Last, but not least--I want to thank Tat-land for all of your answers to questions, generosity, and encouragement. So I'm going to do a giveaway! Just a warning though, I need to make what will be given so it might take a while before you get your winnings! I do promise gifts to the winners though. There will be 2 winners of the giveaway. Leave a comment with the following to enter the giveaway:

1. A blogging nickname for the new baby. My daughter's blogging name is the kitten. Baby's gender is unknown, so you can leave a boy and a girl name if necessary.

2. A guess of the date and time of when baby will arrive. The date and time will be Central Standard Time in the US. Just to help you out--baby was due to arrive on Dec 1.

One winner will be the one with the nickname that I choose for baby. The other winner will be the one with the closest date and time of the arrival of baby. Ties will be chosen randomly.

The cut-off time for entries is whenever baby decides to arrive!! Hopefully that isn't too long away. I'll post the winners whenever I get a chance. Best of luck to all and a very Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful tatters as well.


  1. 9th December at 4.30 am.
    Nickname? Mini. That would cover both genders. How exciting - I can't wait to see the new 'sprog'!

  2. Hang on! It's so exciting I know but you can do it! I predict December 13th because my DAUGHTER (also a prediction) was 12 days late.

    Any wonder I can't her to leave the house on time for school?

    I have no clever names, sigh.

    I love the cross btw.

  3. Gosh I really thought by now your baby would have arrived and I'm betting that it does before you receive the pop-a-bobbin shuttle. My guess is Friday 9th Dec at 1.30 am. As for a nickname that is so difficult but how about dimples?

  4. ETA: December 12, 2:30 a.m.



    Good Luck! It's soon!
    Fox : ))

  5. I hope you don't have to wait too much longer to meet your new little miracle! Since you have "the kitten", how about Mickey/Minnie for the new baby nickname?

    My guess for arrival is December 8, 2011 at 3:12 a.m. How's that for random?

    Can't wait to hear that the baby has safely arrived and you are doing well! In the meantime, continue your beautiful tatting.

    Best Wishes,

  6. I've known many gals whose babies were 'late'. My MIL had 'false' labor pains with her first two (my husband being the eldest) amd she was sent back home both times; so for her third son she ignored the signs - and got to the hospital 15 minutes before the birth! (This was back in 1961, so the 'youngest' is now 50!

    For the contest, I'm going with Dec. 9 at 5 pm.
    If a girl, I'd pick "Holly"; and for a boy, "Chris". both for the holiday season!

    (This is not for the contest, but if you had a girl today, I'd choose "Pearl", because her birthday would be forever associated with this historic day (Dec. 7).

    Sure hope whatever the day, all goes well!

  7. Your cross is really nice! :)
    I have trouble sometimes with roll-away tatting thead balls too and I decided to put the ball into a clean cottage cheese container I had and it rolls around in there, but doesn't go away. Just thought it might help. :)

  8. I think the baby is going to arrive on December 9, at 9:43 in the morning.

    When it comes to blogging names I'm not much help! All I can think of is "Brother" or "Sister". Sheesh. :)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Since your little girl is kitten how about puppy (seems better if it's a boy) or the mouse (if it's a girl) to remain in the theme. And I think you are at the hospital having that baby right now - on the 8th of December at about 1:15.

  10. I'm thinking "Excelsior" for nickname, and...Dec 11th at...1pm.

  11. A blogging name for the Baby - Little One; Wee One; or DB (Darling Baby)
    Date and time - Dec 11 at 11:11 am