Thursday, July 8, 2010

catching up (15 and 16/5)

This is Yarn Player's Eternal Cross tatted in Lizbeth Purple Splendor and white. I'm not sure if it because this was needle tatted or if it is the white thread, but the cross is "soft". I don't believe that it would be able to be worn as a pendant and hold its shape. I wasn't impressed with this white Lizbeth.

This is Jane Eborall's Mini button flower made into a hair bow for the kitten. If you look closely you can see some of the kitten's hair from when she pulled it out. It did look ever so lovely for 1 hour though! The button was bigger than the suggested size so the white outer layer has a few extra rings and chains to accommodate this. I am going to need to find a better way to attach this to the barrette. Currently it is sewn own with quilting thread, but with the wear it received in just a few hours it is already coming off....and I don't want to use GLUE!!
Last if a work in progress, I needed something to do during the family get together since I don't sit around too well. So I decided to tat an edging for skirt for the kitten for next summer. I bought the skirt for a quarter so you can't beat the price. The edging to done is size 10 so that it will not take forever. The edging is Mary Konior's babylace. Don't look too closely because there are a few missing joins--it is hard to concentrate when there are lots of people. This was taken a few days ago. Currently I have enough for about 1/2 way around the skirt.

I also have another projects started, but that will have to wait until enough day.


  1. Cute border. What a good idea. I'll have to go through The Boss's cupboard and see if I can find a skirt for the fall for her... Ah, another project!
    Fox : )

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! :)

  3. Thanks! I'm really enjoying the edging since it is something that I can take with me and keep me out of trouble :)

    Fox, hope that you can find a skirt for the Boss....if not I'm guessing that she will get a new skirt, right :)

  4. Beautiful work!

    If you want to stiffen the cross, a stiffening product that I've tried and liked is "Stiffy" by Plaid Enterprises. It's available at fabric and craft stores. What I do is to paint it on the back of a piece only, using a small paintbrush. The reason I don't like it on the front is because it dulls the sheen of the thread. Another thing I've tried with the crosses is hairspray, which doesn't seem to dull the thread. There are many other methods of stiffening, too. Different tatters will each have their own preferences.

  5. Thanks for this hint about only on the back yarnplayer!!