Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I can count to 4 (17 and the start of 18/25)

I love how easy the Spinning Wheel pattern is to memorize. I just needed to count to 4. This could also be titled: tatting at 2am. I had to be up anyway, so I was tatting at 2am. Don't ask :) Here is the finished Spinning Wheel (well the ends still need to be hidden and it needs to be blocked--but the fun part is finished) in size 20 Lizbeth Country Turquoise Med. I really enjoyed tatting this and would love to make it bigger without adding fabric in the middle. Have you seen anyone try this by just extending the rows by a few rings? I think that I might try variegated for the next one.

This is Patchwork done in boring white. It is a Christmas gift and the person will really like it but only in white. I'm thinking about making it 4 motif by 4 motif for a something to put on a small side table. This could take a while!


  1. Easy, Did I hear 'easy'?? I am envious! I found that pattern to be such a challenge - every time I have done it and I have tried it about four times now! I lover the result, but I do hold my breath till it is done. Somehow the dyslexia I live with does not enjoy that pattern at all!

    Your tatting in both these pieces is beautiful. Lovely work! The Spinning Wheel is a terrific colour; really shows off the design.
    Directionally Challenged Fox : ))

  2. Your Spinning Wheel mat is lovely I have been considering trying it. And I reckon in the variegated would be lovely as well.

  3. Both are very lovely works!