Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christina cross(15/25)

Here is Lene Bjorn's Christina cross tatted in Cebelia size 30. I might make the topper chains a bit longer so that I can use them to mark additional pages in my Bible. Yes, this one is for me. I had a bit of trouble with the Josephine chains, but I can make shorter ones now. I'm still having a bit of difficulty with longer chains--the chain twists when I take it off the needle. Maybe something better to shuttle tat.

Speaking of shuttle tatting, I completed 10 flipped stitches in a row yesterday!! I went from argg to ahah. I've never watched so few seconds of a video so many times!! Thanks to everyone who has YouTube tatting videos available. I looked at quite a few and took a bit here and a bit there. I attempted a ring last night, but realized that I had used black thread on my shuttle (silly me) and it didn't work out so well. I think that I had one stitch that didn't flip. I'll try again with variegated thread on the shuttle and see what happens. I'll show you the progress once I get something to show.

I also decided to participate in One World One Heart. I saw it last year, but couldn't participate since I didn't have a blog.



  1. Congrats on the 10 flipped stitches! Isn't the internet just the best! It is how I learned many tatting skills!
    Fox : )

  2. I remember being surprised that you didn't shuttle tat, as your needle tatting is excellent!
    I have no doubt you will 'conquer' shuttle tatting in no time!

    My suggestion would be for you to check out Sharon Briggs' excellent video on her website (which you can find through the "Profile" on her blog). Click on 'Tatting Demo'. She shows how to do the flip while doing a CHAIN, rather than a ring. Learning how to do the knot on a chain - using two different colors of thread - helps to see that it's the thread in the left hand that forms the knot. It's much easier to understand how to put knots on a ring after you've learned the chain. Also, use heavier threads - such as size 10, if you have them.

    This same 'two color' chain method is also demonstrated nicely in Janette Baker's book and DVD, "Learn to Tat', usually available at JoAnn's, but I realize you don't live near any craft stores!! Of course, you can order it from the internet.

    This is a pretty cross, and you did a nice job on the wedding present! I'm glad it was appreciated!

  3. Lovely well done, reading the comments I also thought you were shuttle tatting. looks very good.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Life and having too many things that I wanted to tat have gotten in the way of learning to shuttle tat. I decided that now was the time :)