Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello 2011 (14/25)

I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the start to 2011. It is hard to believe that another year is gone. We survived our trip to the wedding and I got a chance to see a craft store again. I received a few gifts card for Christmas and enjoyed spending the money :) I now have some red beads as well as some other beads as well.

We survived the wedding. The kitten walked down the aisle with my husband and looked adorable. I'm sharing pictures of the tatted items that I made for her to wear in the wedding. Her dress was sleeveless and the color was blue, so I tatted a small flower (just rings and chains) to give a bit of color to a white sweater and I used Jane's small button flowers (that I've made before but this time without the inside piece) for her hair. I would have made the flower on the sweater bigger, but I brought thread out on my Ezbob to save space and just had enough to finish. I should have wound more. The thread is Cebelia royal blue size 30. I think that I'll have to get some more of this thread. I really liked tatting with it. I will probably make a few more of these barrettes for the kitten and maybe some for gifts. They were quick to tat and looked great in her hair. Just the right amount of color.

I did manage to tat a bit more while we were gone. I tatted a few more of the Easy Crosses for gifts. I didn't take any pictures of them because they were given as soon as they were finished!

I'm not really a resolution person, but I did make 2 tatting goals for the year. I would like to learn to shuttle tat. I have a video and hope to start this afternoon---that is if the kitten will stop singing and take her nap :) The second tatting goal is to keep a bit more of my tatting. I've given away most of what I've tatting. I'm probably still going to give away most of it, but I would like to keep a few more pieces.

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  1. The flower and barettes look great!
    Hope you have a productive shuttle lesson today(Youtube has some helpful shuttle tatting learning videos too that is where I learned a lot, but know that everyone seems to do it a bit different)! :)