Wednesday, February 23, 2011

blog layout

I'm playing around with a title and layout. Any ideas of how to get the full title to show up?

You will see these crosses soon--they are already in the mail.


  1. Your blog looks awesome! Love the crosses!!! :)

  2. Looking good, I like the way you have used the crosses. Perhaps the words should be under or above the crosses, just a thought. I reconise one of the patterns, it makes a lovely cross. colours are great well done

  3. I gave up playing with my blog layout when I lost all sorts of stuff. I guess I don't have the brain power to figure it out any more! I love the crosses at the top... very pretty and inspirational!

  4. Thanks all. I'll play around again the next time that I have time, but at least right now I'd rather tat :)