Thursday, July 28, 2011

much thanks!!!

I appreciate all of the sympathy over my broken tatting needle!! I was shocked when the Tatting Goddess herself came up with a wonderful solution. She was the recipient of the tatting supplies of Carol Moser after she passed away. There were some tatting needles in the supplies and she sent them to me. Not only that, but she sent other goodies as well as you can see by the picture. My tatting books doubled in size from this gift!! Thank you so much for sending these Gina!! You made my week in this hot, hot, hot summer. I'm just waiting for a day without a heat advisory.

I have been tatting some, but the heat, some traveling, and VBS have kept me from tatting. I gave away the little bit that I had completed before I took pictures :( I'll see if I can get the recipient to take some for me.


  1. I love it that you have all this new inspiration now!

  2. What a lovely present, I look forward to seeing your latest tatting,
    Can you please send over some of this lovely heat you are talking about, we have cloud and some rain today.

  3. Margaret, if I could send you some heat I would. Send the clouds and rain here please :)