Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here is what balloons and tatting have in common. I used the balloon to shape a tatted ball. Here is the picture before the balloon was popped. I would have an after picture to share, but the kitten got a hold of the ball and it needed to be redone after she enjoyed it. This is the pattern Makena--the pattern is found here. And the donation for the pattern goes to support a great cause--The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This ball was tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Country Turquoise Medium. The worst part was getting the balloon blown up correctly inside the tatting. I have already started this pattern again in a dark red with silver beads for some Christmas gifts. I'm starting early this year on getting my presents finished since the end of the year is going to be a whirlwind. I'll show you them when they finish drying. By the way this is the perfect pattern to tat while playing games with company. I finished 2 this way!


  1. I love it - it reminds me of making those Easter Egg baskets with string - remember those? This tatted ornament is MUCH prettier!

  2. So, the tatting keeps its shape once the balloon is popped? How did you stiffen it? Wonderful idea.

  3. I realized after posting my comment yesterday that your tatted piece could also be a ball - and here it is! It even looks nice on this balloon, which looks kind of 'marbled'!

    It is wonderful to see Monica's lovely 3-D ornaments and so generous of her to share the pattern as an incentive to donate to a very worthy cause.

    The reason I'm so excited about this is that for the past 20 years I've explained at our tatting events that it is indeed possible for us tatters to do three-dimensional work, similar to items crocheters have been doing for a long time. However, 3-D tatting patterns have been few and far between, so back in 1991 I began designing my own and decorating them in Victorian style.

    My egg and ball patterns could easily be done in one piece (and I would prefer to do them that way), but I never got around to trying the balloon trick! (My patterns were accepted by and signed over to a major magazine back in 1992, but they never published them, and I've been in a quandary ever since as to how to share them.)

    I'm so glad that Monica and you are bringing this pattern and technique to the attention of Tat Land! I'm also fascinated that you make balloon animals! That's an art in itself!