Saturday, June 19, 2010

And the winner is.........

Thanks to all for the opinions. And thanks to the kitten's Teddy for posing with the winner. The correct answer is 384. And no I will not be tatting that many socks!!! Greenly family I could not access your profile, so I have no way to contact you. Please leave a comment on this post with a way to contact you. If I have not heard from you by 8 pm on Tuesday June 22 then I will pick a different winner. Below is a picture of your prize.
I also am a winner today since I found some great deals at yard sales. Most of the items were for the kitten, but I found 16 of the cards that you see above with the heart for $1. I have been thinking about coming up with a way to display the hearts when they are given away and I think this works. I also received some buttons from someone's stash. I'm attempting to tat Jane Eborall's mini button. I think that I'm stuck on the Locking join, but hopefully I can figure it out tonight. I have some plans for these mini buttons--I have some girl clothes that are in need of some tatted extras added to them and I think these would be perfect. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hi, Kat. I have been trying to get back here to the site, but I couldn't find you again. Turns out I linked to you from the 25 motif challenge. I was so curious to know if I had figured out the correct response. Imagine my surprise to see that I had won. I know you were unable to reach me, and I apologize. I'm sure Beelizabeth will be very happy with the heart - it's lovely, and I'm satisfied knowing that I had the right answer and my name was drawn!

    Your stitching is lovely, and you have a very nice blog. I'm going to add myself as a follower so I don't lose it again!

  2. Sorry that you missed out!! But you did get the correct answer.

    I completely understand about not being able to find something on the internet. Blog hopping is great fun but hard to retrace your steps!! Maybe I'll have another giveaway that you can win!