Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Scarlett Letter (14/25)

Here is a letter "A" tatted from the alphabet shown here . Much thanks to the tatters at InTatters for help finding the tatter again. I love looking for patterns on the internet, but sometimes it is hard re-finding them :)

It is tatted in size 20 Victorian Red of Lizbeth. I just grabbed the nearest thread when I started and realized part way through that I was tatting the scarlet letter!! It isn't perfect with a join off at the top and it probably needs to be blocked some (I still need to get a blocking board). I just started tatting without thinking on this one. I should have saved some thread when my needle thread ran out, but instead I had to wind some thread off mid-way during tatting. I need to get some of those Ez-bobs and just wind some of all of my thread on them. Are there any physical stores that sell these or is the shipping cheap since they are light?

The letter is about 3.75 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide. I want to tat someones last name for a wedding gift and this would be a bit large to frame. I wonder what the size would be if I tatted it in 30 or 40. Any ideas?


  1. Very nice, and it happened to be my first name initial lol :))