Monday, June 7, 2010

Movie tatting and the package (6 and 7/25)

The kitten has been sick, so I don't have much to share.
These are hearts that I enjoy tatting when I need to pay
attention to more than just tatting. My mom keeps asking
for more to give away, so it works out well. They are the Sweetheart pattern from ???. Can anyone help me out with the designer. The page is no longer up on the internet. I decided to tat one without the outside picot--it gives it a different look.

I also received the giveaway package this morning. I don't have access to the camera at the moment, so pictures of my goodies will have to come later.


  1. It was designed by Brigit Phelps. Sure looks great in that thread!

  2. Eliz Davis beat me to it! Yes, it is Birgit Phelps's design. Very pretty.

    Hope the kitten is better!
    Fox : )

  3. Birgit is moving her patterns to her blog but that one isn't there yet.

  4. It's amazing how different the finished heart looks just by eliminating the outer picots! The hearts are very pretty.

  5. Thanks for the designer. I had the pattern printed off without the name on it. And I did forget to mention that I altered the pattern a bit by removing 2 of the rings. It makes it look more like a heart to me.