Monday, June 14, 2010

opinion quiz

After the wonderful credit card trick shared by Fox, I decide to attempt some tatted socks. I found 6 socks for $1.25, so I have several to play with.

With all of the options I'm in need of some opinion help, so start a comment and make sure that you include contact info (a blog is fine with me) because there might be something special in it for you :)

Question 1:
Do you think the edging with yellow in the following figure is too small for the sock? Is the one in green a better size? (The thread with yellow is Lizbeth Topical Punch and the other is Lizbeth springtime).
Question 2: Does the small edging in tropical punch look better on this shorter white sock. It looks non-white in the picture, but is a nice white with some light pink design.
Bonus: Just to show you how difficulty a decision this is. How many options of tatted edgings are there if I have 12 threads to chose from, 4 different edgings, 2 sizes for each edging, and 4 different beads to use!! (The beads were included for you Fox since I have yet to tat with beads. I'll try and remedy that with my next pair of socks)

I will randomly choose one winner for a tatted heart from the comments that get the bonus correct. If no one gets the bonus correct I will choose my favorite answer, so don't leave the bonus blank.

In an effort to curb cheating :), I will not publish the comments until all answers are submitted. (hopefully I got this set up right) Can you tell that I was a professor before the kitten? This "quiz" will remain open until 5 pm EST on Saturday Jun 19. Only one entry will be accepted and no tatting will be harmed based on your opinion. I believe that is all, so happy quiz taking and tatting!!!


  1. There are 384 combinations (simple combinatorics, I think.) The larger size looks better to me but I like the color of the smaller edge on the pink sock better. I can be contacted through a private message on InTatters--though that is not likely to be needed, I rarely win anything, I just make the odds look longer for everyone else lol.

  2. I think the larger edging goes better with the larger sock, and the smaller edging with the smaller sock. Both edgings look great!
    Hmmm...Bonus??? 384 different possibilities??
    Have a great day! :) Sue

  3. Let's see. Q1: I like the larger edging on the larger sock. Q2: I do think the smaller edging looks great on the smaller sock. Bonus: Assuming that every thread size, edging pattern, and bead option can go on every sock, I total that to 288, 360 if no beads is an option. You are going to need more socks! LOL

  4. I definitely prefer the Springtime edging. I don't see a very big difference between the pink and white sock, but I think I prefer it on the white. After seeing these, I think I'll try tatting an edging for some of my daughter's socks.

    Math is certainly not my strong point, but I'm going to throw my hat in the ring anyway and say 384.

  5. I like the smaller edging on the white sock. The colors don't show up as well on the pink sock.