Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Goodies

The kitten is much better. So still not much time to tat :) I'll have to show pictures of her "tatting" soon.

So here are the goodies all beautifully packaged!!

And here are on the goodies. Have pity on the shuttle because it is going to be my "learn to shuttle tat" shuttle. Thanks again Gina!!!!!!!

And I'm a very lucky girl because my mom also sent me some hankies to tat around.

I'm in hanky heaven!! Now to find a good edging to start with. Any recommendations? Do you prefer to tat and then attach or attach as you go?


  1. Here's the edging I like to use. It's easy, works up quickly, is pretty, flows around corners, and makes a nice wide edging.
    I prefer to tat the edging and sew it on with a blind stitch so that when the hanky wears out I can re-use the lace.

  2. Hi,
    In answer to your question about the baby socks, I stick a credit size piece of plastic - I use a Tim Horton's card - into the top of the sock and tat the edging large enough to go around that LOOSELY. Then I sew it to the top of the sock with regular thread - I found elastic thread dreadful to work with. When you take the card out, after you sew the thing on, it sort of ruffles a bit, but there is room enough for getting the sock on. Is this clear? Email me if you need more!

    Nice goodies, by the way!

    Fox : )